Beauty and the Bees Apple Silk Clarifying Rinse 40gm

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  • Beauty and the Bees Apple Silk Clarifying Rinse 40gm
  • Beauty and the Bees Apple Silk Clarifying Rinse 40gm
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Who is it for?

All those transitioning to Healthy Hair Shampoo Bars; travellers; regular BB Shampoo Bar users who dislike a vinegar rinse.

What is it ?

You asked for a way to help to remove the silicone plasticisers in commercial conditioners and the last residues of shampoo soap, without using vinegar….so this for those of you that hate that smell but want the results!

As a traveller you will love this as it is portable and not liquid!

Includes the fruit acids found in lemons and apples, which are also used in foods for that mouth puckering sour taste, with real silk powder for an added smooth silky feel. It brightens and softens, to leave hair cuticles roughened by washing, flat and smooth for maximum shine potential.

Combined with our favourite hair enhancing herbal extracts of horsetail, nettle and calendula to soothe the scalp.

Incredibly economical, with over 40 rinses per tin. Use just a 1/4 teaspoon to two litres of water as a last rinse in exactly the same way as our Apple Cider Vinegar Conditioning Rinse – view the video on the How to Videos tab.


Citric acid, malic acid, modified tapioca starch (non GMO), herbal infusion, silk powder


1x Apple Silk Clarifying Rinse 40gm

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