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Beauty and The Bees Natural SHAMPOO Six Pack Sampler

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  • Beauty and The Bees Natural SHAMPOO Six Pack Sampler
  • Beauty and The Bees Natural SHAMPOO Six Pack Sampler
  • Beauty and The Bees Natural SHAMPOO Six Pack Sampler
  • Beauty and The Bees Natural SHAMPOO Six Pack Sampler
  • Beauty and The Bees Natural SHAMPOO Six Pack Sampler
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Want to try all our Beauty And The Bees bars but not sure what to choose? Well, why not have them all?

Who for:

Everyone - especially perfect for people with dry scalp, dandruff, eczema or dry scalp, users tell us that their colour ( chemical or natural) is enriched and enhanced, and that they wash their hair far less.Great for those on grey water recycling systems as the shampoo bar is a natural soap so 100% biodegradeable and safe. Makes a great veggie wash too!

What is it?

A selection of 6 mini shampoo bars- approx 20 gms each handcut.

  • Rosemary and Mint: enriches and enhances brunettes and redheads
  • Lemon and Chamomile: enriches and enhances Blondes/Silver
  • Hemp Seed: Moisturizing, unscented for sensitive, dry scalp
  • Moroccan Mud: chemically treated/damaged/ frizzy- natural Rhassoul mud from Morocco conditions tames and smoothes.
  • Tasmanian Beer: Traditional European secret for natural gloss and shine
  • Apple Cider Hair Tonic Shampoo Bar: Good for clarifying hair & scalp and balancing scalp PH

Traditionally handmade to a gentle centuries-old formula these chemical-free, solid shampoo bars, using the finest natural conditioning plant oils such as raw castor, olive and coconut oils with Leatherwood beeswax for gloss - to clean hair thoroughly and gently, without stripping the hair's natural oils so necessary for moisture and condition.

The color of the bar directly reflects the essential oils, herbs, spices, flowers, fruits clays, honey and botanicals used to make it.

Totally free of harsh synthetic detergents ( Sodium Laureth Sulphate) that dries your hair and scalp and pollutes you and our waterways.

Typically a Beauty and the Bees shampoo bar is the equivalent of about 3 bottles of shampoo as a comparison ( this will vary according to your usage and care of the bar). The shampoo bars will last a lot longer if kept out of water while not in use. We recommend using the Air Dry Soap Saver so as to ensure the bar does not sit in pooling water.

How to use Beauty and the Bees shampoo bar:

For best results: wet hair, wet hands, & lather up the shampoo bar in the wet hands. Use the lather to clean the scalp & hair. Rinse well with warm water. That’s it!

There is no need to rub or repeat.

Care instructions:
Note this is a completely natural shampoo Bar and no chemical hardeners have been added. It is therefore very important to try and keep the bar dry when not in use. We recommend using a air soap dryer or something similar .

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