Every little helps in the war against plastic

Every little helps in the war against plastic

It’s so encouraging to see more and more companies doing their bit in the fight against plastic. Increasingly for example plastic straws are being replaced with paper ones, and in some places plastic bags are altogether banned! At Body4real, we too have cut down on plastics; cheap plastic sellotape has been replaced with high grade paper tape and bubble wrap is only used where paper padding cannot be used. 

We support eco-friendly and eco-conscious thinking, which is why we are thrilled to be stocking the Tasmanian Beauty and the Bees range.


Beauty and the Bees is a small family owned Tasmanian brand whose ethos is based on producing all natural, sustainable and effective products for the last 25 years with integrity and purpose. Tasmania is a beautiful island at the bottom of Australia. It is a remote and spectacular place with extraordinary wilderness - it is one of the most pure environments left in the world -making its ingredients very special.

Ingredients used in this range include herbs and plant oils locally sourced. There are NO harmful, synthetic or chemical ingredients. All products and ingredients have only been tested on humans (not animals) and are hand made. One of the core ingredients is the very special Leatherwood honey which is only found in Tasmania. Everything is fresh natural Earth friendly and kind to your skin.

In addition, Beauty and the Bees only use earth friendly packaging. For 26 years they have only used glass tin cardboard or paper packaging. No plastic tubes bottles or jars (except for bottle caps). We are proud to support of such a environmentally conscious company. We love their products and so will you.

6th Nov 2019

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