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Home Electrolysis Machine FAQs

Home Electrolysis Machine FAQs

Troubleshooting Guide

The device beeps when touching the needle on the metal place but it doesn’t beep when it comes into contact with skin. If the machine is working properly it should beep when the current is running through it and into your skin (little zapping sensations). This is not a professional grade electrolysis machine. It’s good for areas of the face or small areas of fine hair on the body (say, the knuckles etc.). If using it on legs or underarms or bikini, It is possible to have burnt out the electrical wiring. At this point, if it’s still under warranty, it can be replaced. These devices have little fiddly parts that may need replacing. The only other way to fix it is to take it to an electronics repair shop and see what they can do.
My product randomly keeps making buzzing noises This is because of the current running through the system which means the product is working.
Difficulty inserting the stylet in the electrolysis pen. You don’t need to replace the tip after so many hairs treated. The extra tip in the package is if the first one somehow breaks, is lost, or is for a second person to use. Information regarding the stylet tip from the instructional booklet: “Each person using the Deluxe Home Electrolysis System must change the stylet tip before use. More than one person should NEVER share the same stylet tip. Before each use, disinfect your personal stylet tip: place in a clean container, cover with isopropyl alcohol, and soak for a few minutes. Discard alcohol after disinfecting.”
And the process is that I should use it on a hair once on the strongest setting and it's gone forever? The user manual on the how to use states: “Electrolysis works by introducing a very mild electrical current into the moist base of the hair follicle which stops the blood supply to the root. The hair root is then neutralized by a chemical action which prevents it from regrowing.” “Once treatment is completed, remove the hair with tweezers (Fig. 9). Should you experience any resistance, the root has not been destroyed. Repeat treatment after 48 hours. Electrolysis has been successful when hair can be removed with tweezers without resistance. Treatment time may vary between individuals and depends on the area being treated.”
When I opened the packet one of the two stylets was detached from the rest of the body There have been no reported issues with the stylet tip. It is possible that the stylet has moved out of place during transit.
Using salt solution and metal finger plate has also discoloured. Not sure if that’s normal This should be normal.
I’ve insert the stylet but it does not beep. One Touch and C+E have the same circuit. It appears somewhere open circuit causing no beep and not working.
This item has intermittent fault with dial meaning power is on full all the time. When assembling, the post and the center hole of the potentiometer were not exactly aligned. When the dial pressed to the post, the post might be bent and caused it unable to rotate. This year production changed the positioning of center hole and this problem should be no longer existed.
Neither of them were secure in their 2-peice holder and would stick in my hair follicle and I had to pull the machine off and then tweeze the stylet tip out of the follicle. Stylets and sleeve are probably not pressed tight.
Stylets detached from the rest of the body. It appears that the fine/thin stylet is no longer attached to the base. Is it possible to reattach it? If something is loosen, it should be able to re-attach.
Using the electrolysis on myself and it beeps when using. However when using on someone else, it doesn't beep and they don't feel a current. You should touch the contact plate for a closed loop.
Could the needle snap? I’m so frightened it might snap in my skin because it’s so thin and bendy? We only have this diameter. The needle will not break.
Unit on zero makes buzzing noise. The dial is probably not pressed to correct rotational angle of the potentiometer. The dial mark does not represent the real reading.
29th Jan 2021

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