​How Does CBD Balm Work for Muscle Pain?

CBD or cannabidiol is a chemical compound derived from the cannabid family that naturally occurs in cannabis and hemp. CBD is derived directly from the hemp plant which belongs to the Cannabis sativa species whereas marijuana can belong to either C.indica or C. Sativa species.

Tha main difference between CBD oil from hemp and marijuana is the ratio between THC and CBD. THC is the main psychoactive compound in marijuana that gives the highsensation. CBD is a nonpsychoactive component that has been found to be useful in treating a variety of conditions.

CBD in most products is derived from hemp, which, unlike marijuana has only traces of THC, the active compound that gets people high. There are different kinds of CBD-based products in the market. Some are taken orally, others are inhaled, while some are applied on the skin.

Cannabis sativa has a long history of use in China. It has been cultivated for use as food, fiber, and medicine. The seeds have been used in Chinese medicine for at least 1800 years. (Gao et al., 2014; Zhang et al., 2014). The other plant parts are also used for conditions such as pain and mental illness. Pollens that were concluded to be mostly cannabis would have served as painkillers in ancient Netherlands, as evidenced by a grave dated 2459-2203BCE. Likewise, there were descriptions of medical cannabis in ancient Egyptian papyri, ancient India, ancient Greece, and medieval Islamic world. In recent years, the medical interest in the use of cannabinoids such as CBD have increased.

CBD acts on receptors in the body primarily in the central nervous system and immune system tissues. Because CBD is able to mimic the actions of some natural brain chemicals, it is thought to help in regulating pain as well as sleep, mood, memory, and other processes.

Can I use CBD for muscle pain?

During a workout or intense activity, there is a resulting muscle fatigue. This is caused by muscle rubbing against each other, known as DOMS or Delayed Onset Muscle Soreness. The resulting muscle pain is due to inflammation within the muscle. Mild to moderate muscle soreness caused by exercise is completely normal.

Among the primary benefits of CBD is its positive effect on pain. Topical CBD products like balms and lotions are applied directly over the painful area. With topical application, you can use it on a more targeted area to ease inflammation and relieve pain.

CBD Muscle Balm is a broad-spectrum product that has a unique combination of peppermint oil, camphor oil, and wintergreen oil plus organically grown CBD oil extracted from high quality industrial hemp plants. The result is a topical balm that instantly gives you relaxation with its cooling and heating ingredients along with the positive effects of CBD. Check out our range of CBD products.

20th Feb 2020

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