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​How to stop your Beard Itching

​How to stop your Beard Itching

One of the main reasons which contributes to an itchy beard is the buildup of product or skin cells on the beard area. In this sense it is similar to having an itchy scalp. 

The easiest solution is to use a clarifying shampoo to help cleanse the scalp of any daily debris or product. Bear in mind that the hair on the beard area is similar to the hair on your head, only beard has a higher density of hair. Treat your beard in the same way you would treat you the hair on your scalp. If you suffer from dry skin, eczema or psoriasis, using the wrong products will only contribute to the problem.

For this reason a regular soap may not work to alleviate itchiness and clean your beard throughly. In comparison, clarifying and nourishing shampoos often work best to minimise itching. Our customers’ favourite beard shampoo is the Professor Fuzzworthy beard shampoo made by hand in Tasmania, Australia. This is an excellent eco-friendly bran which uses only natural ingredients such as castor oil, seaweed extract, honey, cocoa powder and coconut oil which will all help to cleanse and nourish your skin. 

Importantly this being a shampoo bar it does not contain any water. When you compare this to a regular shampoo whose main ingredient is water, a shampoo bar presents great value for money. And you only need a small amount. Use as often as you need. You may find that is daily or every few days - it all depends on the level of build up on your beard area.

You may also choose to go a step further and style your beard again using a dedicated beard product. Did you know you can also purchase the beard detangler and beard styling gloss?

11th Feb 2021

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