We all have some pesky hair growing in places we don’t want, right? And what is the easiest and most common way to remove unwanted hair? Shaving. Why is shaving so popular? Because compared to other hair removal techniques, shaving is very easy to do and you can shave anytime and anywhere you want and most of all it’s absolutely pain free.

Though the majority of us shave, it too can cause all sorts of problems like ingrown hair, razor rash, bumps and cuts. Well, these problems occur due to improper shaving technique. But there are people; especially African-Americans, who are prone to stubborn ingrown hairs no matter how perfect their technique is. This is mainly due to their curly hair.

This occurs when the hair is cut into a certain angle while shaving, leaving a sharp tip. When hair re-grows, this stabs into the wall of the hair follicle causing the hair to curl. To make things worse, this curling delay the time for hair to exit the follicle, this causes sebum accumulation within the follicle and forms a plug at the tip of the follicles where the hair is suppose to come out, entrapping the hair within the follicle. In later stages, as the hair starts to grow longer and continues to curl forming a big lump, usually seen as ugly pink, red or black dots. If this is ignored and not treated, these lumps can be infected causing pus to form. This is very painful to touch and can cause scarring when the wound has healed.

The key in treating ingrown hairs is to remove the sebaceous plug that has formed above the follicle, allowing the hair to grow out. Kalo ingrown hair treatment effectively and gently removes the sebaceous plug, when used regularly it also removes any excess sebum to prevent the plug from occurring. Also, Kalo uses a natural exfoliate that is milder and safer to use on skin compared to most chemical based products.

8th Apr 2015 Manny Y

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