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There are some places on our body that we don’t want to see hair growing, right? We all have unwanted hair, and these days, you have a lot of choices and methods to remove hair like: depilatory creams, epilators, waxing and shaving. Among the choices given, shaving is the most common method because its easy to do and very affordable.

Shaving is the method of choice when it comes to hair removal but there are some problems that come along with shaving. Razor bumps, burns, razor rash, cuts and ingrown hairs are typical problems with shaving. With proper technique some of these problems can be prevented, but there are people who are prone to shaving problems like stubborn ingrown hairs, even with proper shaving techniques.

The best way to prevent shaving problems is to use a special cream that makes the skin so slippery, the blades easily slides through the skin and cutting only the hair. Priva / Power Shave is an after shave that helps prevent ALL of these unwanted hair removal problems. Priva / Power Shave contains isopropyl alcohol. It is a great antiseptic and prevents bacterial build up thus preventing infectious agents from seeping into those micro wounds after every hair removal session.

Priva / Power Shave also contains Acetysalicylic acid which is a potent anti inflammatory. This helps prevent irritation and inflammation after every hair removal session. This will stop the swelling of ingrown hairs and the intense reddening of razor burns or chemical burns.

Priva / Power Shave is the best post-shave lotion in the market today. It is an all-in-one solution to all or any hair removal methods whether shaving, epilation, depilation, you name it. Always remember to use Priva / Power Shave after every hair removal session to prevent any kind of post shaving problems.


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