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I am three months postpartum. I also have existing thyroid problems, which I am being treated for. I know that hair loss is typical with thyroid problems and being postpartum. The thing is, I am not losing the hair on my scalp. My pubic hair has thinned out. I swear almost all of it is gone. The hair is not falling out in clumps, but is just thinning out. I do not understand what is going on.



Hair everywhere on your body can be affected by pregnancy, or by thyroid imbalance for that matter. During pregnancy, large areas of hair may begin cycling together — all growing at once, then all shedding at once. This could explain the generalized thinning of your pubic hair. Usually, the hair will revert to the normal pattern — a few hairs growing here and a few hairs resting there and a few more hairs shedding — within six months of delivery.
If you notice this does not improve, you should have your thyroid retested; requirements for thyroid replacement can change as a result of pregnancy. If your thyroid levels are normal and the thinning continues, see a dermatologist; sometimes certain kinds of infections can lead to hair loss

6th Apr 2015 Asim Jalali

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