Should children be taught how to tell the truth?

Should children be taught how to tell the truth?

In certain cultures like the Japanese honesty is a way of life. In fact they are well known as being one of the most truthful nations on earth. There are many cases where valuable property has been handed in to police stations. In fact this is the norm in Japan. The reason is mostly down to their bringing. As children they have total truth installed in them.

With the use of a low-cost lie detector this is something we could use in the west to teach children from a very young age the importance of being truthful. It is well known that children learn through play so what better method then a game. Here are some questions you could ask:

Did you steal from the cookie jar?

Did you say your prayers last night? Did you wash your hands after using the loo?

Did you do all your homework today?

Did you make up of story so that you could go out?

All you need to get this to work is the polygraph kit, a USB port on a computer or laptop and your subject. Think of all the great questions you could ask. Some will be fun be more serious. I always remember this kit is designed as a bit of fun and should not be taken too seriously!

25th Jul 2019 naffisa

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