​Strip free waxing

With general waxing you heat the wax, apply to the skin with a spatula, cover with a cotton strip and then pull off. Strip-free waxing is different. You do not use a cotton strip to remove the wax. Instead, the wax peels off. Strip-free waxing is designed so that it removes even coarse hair. It is mostly used for the bikini area where the hair is very coarse. Typically you microwave the wax as it is a different (more solid) consistency. Apply to the skin when it is lukewarm. And then peel/pull off. Do take care when using this wax. You need to practice on a small area which is not sensitive first for example legs. Once you have perfected the technique, then use it on other areas where you are comfortable. It’s not recommended for use on sensitive skin. Watch the video https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=EuYw0ZCJQdU

19th Aug 2019

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