​What is best for an oily scalp?

​What is best for an oily scalp?

Too many people think of an oily scalp as a problem. They exacerbate the “problem” by avoiding washing their hair. It is important to understand that an oily scalp needs to be regulated. The best way to do this is to use a product which is specifically formulated for that condition. It is important to ensure the scalp is kept clean to encourage healthy hair growth - this means washing your hair daily where possible. In this regard we agree with hair expert Philip Kingsley


It makes sense. Washing your hair daily just as you wash your face, will keep the area clean removing any surface barriers to hair growth. We have found the best product to use for all the scalp is the Nisim range. This Canadian range contains natural active ingredients and is enriched with proteins and aminos like cysteine and biotin all of which will encourage healthy hair growth. So by using this shampoo you are performing two essential steps: cleaning your scalp very efficiently and also feeding your hair with essential nutrients to encourage great. Ask us for a free sample.

16th May 2019

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