Cleancut Intimate Area Hair Removal Kit (Made in Japan)

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  • Cleancut Intimate Area Hair Removal Kit (Made in Japan)
  • Cleancut Intimate Area Hair Removal Kit (Made in Japan)
  • Cleancut Intimate Area Hair Removal Kit (Made in Japan)
  • Cleancut Intimate Area Hair Removal Kit (Made in Japan)
  • Cleancut Intimate Area Hair Removal Kit (Made in Japan)
  • Cleancut Intimate Area Hair Removal Kit (Made in Japan)
  • Cleancut Intimate Area Hair Removal Kit (Made in Japan)
  • Cleancut Intimate Area Hair Removal Kit (Made in Japan)
  • Cleancut Intimate Area Hair Removal Kit (Made in Japan)
  • Cleancut Intimate Area Hair Removal Kit (Made in Japan)
  • Cleancut Intimate Area Hair Removal Kit (Made in Japan)
  • Cleancut Intimate Area Hair Removal Kit (Made in Japan)
  • Cleancut Intimate Area Hair Removal Kit (Made in Japan)
  • Cleancut Intimate Area Hair Removal Kit (Made in Japan)
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Japanese Design Intimate Area Shaving Kit

An easy, pain free hair removal kit for the bikini/ pubic/ crotch area that will leave you super smooth with fewer bumps and ingrown hairs. This is the smoothest, most versatile kit for complete hair removal ANYWHERE on the face or body.  Due to the size and shape this kit is perfect for use on ALL intimate body (as well as the face, arms and other areas) on both men and women.

Uniquely, with this kit, the blades are not exposed, so you cannot cut yourself, making it safe for use on your most private parts. Upto now, waxing has been the only way to give you a smooth and soft finish. However, not everyone can stand the pain of waxing. The Intimate Area Shaving kit is designed to safely remove hairs and give you a smooth finish down below for both men and women.

The kit is very easy to use and works with standard batteries: you must trim long hairs first with the white Cleancut T-bar trimmer. After trimming long hairs, use the silver Cleancut shaver to remove the shorter stubble to give you a super smooth finish. A best selling shaving kit which is a must for anyone who wants to remove pubic hairs without pain, nicks or cuts, and leaving a baby soft finish, with fewer ingrown hairs or shaving bumps. If you would like to use a cream AFTER to soothe and heal the skin, we highly recommend using the SKINtastic Moisturising Cream.

Kit Contains:

  • 1 x Cleancut Shaver ES412 (Designed in Japan). Uses 1 C-Cell battery (included).
  • 1x Cleancut Trimmer (white) PS335. Uses 1 AA battery (included)
  • Cleaning Brush , English Instructional leaflet


Japanese Design Cleancut Shaver + FREE batteries & Clipper Oil

  • Battery operated, small and light so you can take it anywhere (batteries included)
  • High quality – both trimmer and shaver are manufactured to high standards. Beware of cheap copies!
  • Irritation – free so less bumps, nicks, cuts and ingrown hairs
  • No nicks and cuts (as the blades are not exposed, you will not cut yourself when using this kit)

Intimate area hair removal is something of a trend today, with many men and women removing pubic hairs for comfort, hygiene, look, and sensation. Brazilian waxing is one of the popular pubic hair removal methods for women, while English men have bravely invented the “back, crack and sack wax!” The results are great when done professionally. However, the pain in achieving this look is real and any salon will charge at least £25.00 for one bikini hair removal session! If you want to achieve a totally smooth, hair-free bikini area (without the pain AND in the privacy of your own home), this is the kit for you!’ The key to this kit is the Cleancut shaver which has rust-proof triple rotary foil blades and an outer foil. While the blades are rotating, the inner blade forms a triangle with the outer foil to capture hair and shave it securely and smoothly.

How to Use:

There are just TWO easy steps to this kit:

  • Step 1:  On clean, dry skin, trim long hairs with the  Trimmer (you can apply a light layer of medicated talc before use, but this is not essential, and note talc must not applied near internal areas).
  • Step 2: After trimming, use the Cleancut shaver in slow, circular motions to remove the short stubble length hairs.

After use, brush away any excess hairs and apply a few drops of the clipper oil supplied onto the blades of both the trimmer and shaver. The oil will keep the blades working smoothly and longer.

The Results? A smooth, hair-free pubic region.

*The Cleancut Shaver uses a standard "C" cell battery, while the Cleancut Trimmer uses a "AA" battery (included with your purchase). These are standard batteries which can be bought from most supermarkets when needed. Your first set of batteries are included for free with your purchase.

Other Useful Information:

The Shaver is particularly popular with couples who want to shave down below to give them greater sensation. If sharing this kit, be sure to disinfect the blades with the Wahl Clipper spray. Pubic Hair Removal is not just an aesthetic thing. It is very important to remove pubic hair for hygiene and health reasons, to prevent itching, infections, irritations and nasties such as pubic lice. The Shaver is so safe it can be used on every nook and cranny of the pubic region.

The Guarantee:

We are a UK registered company and have been selling these shavers for over 5 years. We honour the manufacturer´s 1 year warranty against manufacturing defects. If there is any problem with the Shaver or Trimmer, you can return the product to our office in the UK.


Frequently Asked Questions

Can I really use this kit anywhere?
Yes! Both the trimmer and shaver have enclosed blades which means you cannot cut yourself. That makes it safe to use absolutely anywhere on both men and women, including mens's testicles!

Can the Cleancut be used alone or do I need a trimmer as well?
The Cleancut will only shave stubble length hair. Basically, the Cleancut is a finishing shaver that produces an extremely close shave, leaving you with baby soft skin. You can only use the Cleancut AFTER trimming your hair with a good trimmer. Poor trimming technique is the main cause of dissatisfaction with the performance of the Cleancut. It is imperative that the hair is stubble length. When it is the correct length the Cleancut produces wonderful results.

Is the Shavy the best Trimmer?
The Shavy Femini is generally the best trimmer for both male and female intimate areas due to its small size. The Shavy is about the size of a toothbrush both in terms in length and the actual blade size. It is very light and styled to easily fit into the palm of your hand. The Shavy does a particularly good job of trimming hair around men's testicles.

Can I use the Cleancut in the Shower?
No, both the Shavy Femini and the Cleancut can only be used dry. Do not use in the shower or clean with water. You can however use the one of the Philips or Remington wet/ dry trimmers in the shower

How long will the Cleancut last?
With regular care and maintenance, the Cleancut will last for years. After each use, ensure you clean and oil the blades with the clipper oil supplied. This will ensure the shaver continues to run as new. With daily use, you may need to change the blades after 12-18 months. A replacement blade kit and larger clipper oil bottles are available from our shop.

Do I need to use Talc?
Talcum powder is not necessary to use, but a light layer of talc can be applied onto the skin before using the kit to ensure the skin is dry and moist free. Ensure NO talc is applied near internal areas to avoid any risk of yeast or similar infections.

What other products do I need to apply to my skin?
This shaver kit can be used without any other products. The most important thing is to keep the skin clean and dry before use. A light layer of talc can be applied before using this kit. We recommend using a medicated talc like Cuticura. After use, you can apply the SKINtastic to soothe and heal the skin. If you have a persistent problem with ingrown hairs or itchiness, we recommend using Priva Shave Post Shave Treatment Gel after hair removal to treat and prevent the problem (do not apply near internal areas).

How do I maintain this kit?
After use, brush away excess hairs and talc from the blades. Both the trimmer and shaver can be opened up to expose the blades. Optionally, you can spray the blades with a medicated clipper spray to disinfect the blades. Next, apply a few drops of clipper oil onto the blades. The clipper oil is the single most important product to maintain both the trimmer and shaver; the oil will keep the blades working smoothly. Store in a dry place until next use.

I have seen other pubic hair shavers, why should I buy the Cleancut?
There are a few companies offering similar looking shavers. When comparing shavers consider the following: Are they made in Japan? To our knowledge, the Cleancut is the only Japanese made pubic hair shaver. Be very careful as some retailers place "made from Japanese components" stickers on their packaging. However, the packaging also states "Made in China". There is no way to confirm such contradictory statements. Why even bother? Are they made by a highly reputable manufacturer, i.e. ? Or some small time never heard of manufacturer. Many shavers look pretty and are well packaged, but this has no bearing on performance. You will hear of no one other than the manufacturer or retailer touting that their shaver is better than the Cleancut. We stand by the brand and the thousands of overjoyed customers who have bought from us. We could easily start selling the competing products, but we simply don't have any confidence in them...

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    Easy to use and incredibly safe

    Posted by Shahjahan Pramanik on 24th Oct 2020

    Having previously tried to used my beard trimmer to keep my nether regions trim, I was so delighted to finally use a way more safe and efficient product that actually works. The t-shape gets pretty close as it is and never feels like it is pulling any hair. Then the cleancut itself works a treat in getting even closer without being worried about getting hurt. Highly recommend this product.

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