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Cleancut Intimate Area Shaver ES412 (Made in Japan)

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  • Cleancut Intimate Area Shaver ES412 (Made in Japan)
  • Cleancut Intimate Area Shaver ES412 (Made in Japan)
  • Cleancut Intimate Area Shaver ES412 (Made in Japan)
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  • Cleancut Intimate Area Shaver ES412 (Made in Japan)
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This Japanese made shaver is not only unique in terms of its perfectly round shape, but it is also the unsurpassed design and quality of the blades. With this shaver, you will achieve a super smooth finish ANYWHERE on the face or body, with no nick Or cuts and NO irritations ( no shaving rash or ingrown hairs). Do not mistake this with the Chinese made Cleancut, which is a face shaver only! The Japanese made version has a modified design and has been optimised for shaving coarse pubic hair.

The cylindrical shape of this shaver makes it perfect to use on even the most awkward areas. While it is mostly used on the bikini / intimate area on men and women, it can also be used on other body areas like underarms and legs - basically anywhere you have newly grown stubble (short hairs). As it is essentially, a stubble shaver it is also great to use on mens facial stubble (particularly if you suffer from shaving irritations). The shaver works using 1 standard C Cell battery (included with your purchase). Replacement blades are also available to purchase. 

WARNING: This shaver is a finishing tool and can only be used on stubble length hair, you will need to trim long hairs first! We sell the  Cleancut T-Bar trimmer for this purpose. You can also buy the complete kit including the Cleancut and Trimmer.

How to use:
Use on clean, dry skin in slow circular motions. Do not use on wet skin or in the shower. After use, remove the battery

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4 Reviews

  • 4
    Good Product

    Posted by John wood on 3rd Sep 2020

    Good product, it is very quiet and does cut very well. As all reviews say it does only work with stubble so you need to keep on top of your shaving regime but it works really well and strangely the shape is very good for shaving

  • 4
    Clean-cut es412 personal shaver

    Posted by Richard Petty on 21st Aug 2020

    Excellent product

  • 5
    Exceptional quality generates return custom

    Posted by Frances on 31st Jul 2019

    I brought this intimate shaver many years before but when the inner blade and outer foil finally needed replacing, I was unable to recall the company I brought it from. I brought an inferior product which looked the same off Amazon. An inferior intimate shaver that bites (for real) , is never a good bite !....I mean buy. I am so glade I found them again and with one use I instantly see the vast superior quality in the Body4real shaver.

  • 5
    Good for that 'baby skin' feel

    Posted by Loz on 31st Jul 2019

    Well, this Cleancut razor is a splendid piece of kit and is to be recommended. If like me you’ve got fed up of all one’s short and curlies below then this is for you. I’d had enough of having these intimate times spoiled, you know, just as things are looking ‘up’ it’s brought to a painful halt when you suddenly realise there’s a hair trapped in the ‘skin, or you’re lying there enjoying the attention being given to it when ones partner suddenly stops to spit out a hair or two! All very off putting. So, whilst I had kept mine in trim, more on a spasmodic basis though, it was time for it all to go. After trimming it down to 2-3mm with the beard trimmer, a light dose of talc as recommended and the Cleancut did the rest. No nicks, snicks or anything painful like that. It took a couple of sessions to get it all sorted, and to get all the hairs I’d missed first time, but now that baby skin feel down there is just superb and a real turn-on.

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