Eggcellent Egg & Lemon Shampoo Bar

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  • Eggcellent Egg & Lemon Shampoo Bar
  • Eggcellent Egg & Lemon Shampoo Bar
  • Eggcellent Egg & Lemon Shampoo Bar
  • Eggcellent Egg & Lemon Shampoo Bar
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Rich in high quality protein, fatty acids, and vitamins like A, E, & D, egg yolk is a fabulous natural nourishing agent, making this bar perfect for soothing dry, fizzy hair.

Inspiration for this bar came from Founder Jill Saunders’ granny who used to crack an egg and work it through young Jill’s hair. When conceiving this bar, she remembered how amazingly well it worked as a natural shampoo/conditioning treatment, leaving hair shiny, soft and healthy!

Handmade with Tasmanian free range eggs, the Eggcellent Egg & Lemon Shampoo Bar is a nourishing shampoo that uses century-old beauty techniques to create strong, thick and super shiny hair.

We love our oceans and waterways: our shampoo bars are 100% natural, zero waste and plastic free!

Who is it for?

Everyone! Especially those with thin hair, or just looking for an extra strengthening boost!


Mount Wellington spring water; free-range eggs; coconut oil; olive oil; soy wax; Leatherwood beeswax & honey; Tasmanian seaweed extract; essential oils (Lemon & Lemon Myrtle); Sodium borate (Borax) <1%.

Size: 125g

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