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M4MEN Moom for Men 100% natural Organic Hair Remover

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  • M4MEN Moom for Men 100% natural Organic Hair Remover
  • M4MEN Moom for Men 100% natural Organic Hair Remover
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M4MEN: Moom for Men Hair Remover

Moom for men is an all natural, certified organic sugaring wax hair for men ( please note, this wax can also be used by women. The only difference between the mens and womens version of Moom is the mens contains Boswelia and the womens contains Tea Tree Oil). Moom for men hair remover is specifically designed to removed tough male body hair on the chest, back and legs. It produces professional results that last weeks longer than shaving. 

Certified Organic. Imported from Canada.

Ingredients: Organic Cane Sugar, Organic Chamomile Tea, Organic Lemon Juice, Organic Aloe Vera, and Organic Boswellia. NOTHING ELSE!

  • Professional results that last weeks longer than shaving
  • USDA Certified Organic and 100% Natural
  • Specifically designed for male body hair
  • Exclusive Easy to Use Spa Formula
  • Water Soluble (easy to wash off)
  • Gentle, Effective and easy to use
  • No need for after treatment lotions and creams
  • No animal testing

The MOOM for MEN difference! Until now, all hair removers have concentrated on removing unwanted hair and have not cared about what damage they cause to the skin underneath. MOOM has revolutionized the hair removal industry by making the skin the first consideration.

Kit Contains:

  • 6 oz MOOM Hair Remover
  • 18 reusable fabric strips
  • 4 wooden spatulas / applicators
  • Instruction booklet

How to Use:

  1. Heat in a micorwave or on a stove in a pot of hot water.
  2. Using the wooden spatula Spread MOOM for MEN
  3. Place strip on top and rub vigorously
  4. Pull strip off in opposite direction

Top Tips

While pre and post lotions are not strictly required when using Moom, we do recommend using a medicated talc before waxing, to keep the skin completely dry and moist free. A light layer of talc will also help you apply the wax in the correct area, thereby giving you the best results. After waxing, it is best to apply a skin repairing treatment. We highly recommend using SKINtastic Moisturising Cream after waxing to soothe and repair the skin. SKINtastic is a paraben-free, 100% natural, organic cream which contains the highly effective Grapeseed oil extract, a very light and delicate natural oil that is now recognised as a very potent anti oxidant* (in fact, Grape Seed Oil has up to 15,000 times more anti-oxidant value than Vitamin E), it is also a known anti-carcinogen (anti ageing element).

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