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Power Shave 60ml + Exfoliating Brush Orange

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  • Power Shave 60ml + Exfoliating Brush Orange
  • Power Shave 60ml + Exfoliating Brush Orange
  • Power Shave 60ml + Exfoliating Brush Orange
  • Power Shave 60ml + Exfoliating Brush Orange
  • Power Shave 60ml + Exfoliating Brush Orange
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2 products to really help treat and prevent ingrown hairs!

Ingrown hairs are a common result after hair removal. Whether you are waxing or shaving you may experience ingrown hairs. Use this brush to help safely treat and prevent ingrown hairs. This brush is a brush specifically designed for ingrown hair removal ; it will help exfoliate the skin releasing trapped ingrown hairs. You can use this brush on face and body areas, including the face, neck, underarms, bikini line, legs on both men and women. Easy to clean and can be disassembled for proper cleaning and drying.

Ingrown hairs are essentially hairs that grow back into themselves rather than growing outwards. Unfortunately, as the hairs grow inwards, they often cause a mild inflammation / swelling so you then experience itching and soreness. You will be tempted to prise the ingrown hairs out with tweezers, picking, scratching or rubbing but this may result in scarring.

For best results, use after hair removal. You can use the brush on wet or dry skin  (but note, it is most effective used on wet skin). Use the brush in slow, circular motions for about 15-30 seconds and use it against the grain. (ie in the direction opposite to hair removal). Adjust the pressure according to your skin’s sensitivity. You can use this brush daily as required.

Not recommended for use on : acne, razor burn , folliculitis, keloids, keratosis pilaris, or razor burn bumps or very sensitive skin

After using the brush, allow the skin to rest for until any redness has gone, then apply a light layer of Power Shave. Power Shave can be applied daily as required. Do not wash off.  It is important to apply Priva/Power Shave after hair removal, to treat and prevent bacteria in the hair follicles. This also prevents the areas from becoming infected, and results in silky, blemish-free skin.

Power Shave ingredients: SD Alcohol 40, Salicylic Acid, Water, Propylene Glycol, Glycerin, Carbomer, PEG-8, Chamomile Oil

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