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Tweezerman Ingrown Hair and Splinter Tweeze

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  • Tweezerman Ingrown Hair and Splinter Tweeze
  • Tweezerman Ingrown Hair and Splinter Tweeze
  • Tweezerman Ingrown Hair and Splinter Tweeze
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Tweezerman Ingrown Hair & Splinter Tweeze


Ultra-sharp, elongated points for easy removal of ingrown hairs, splinters, thorns, glass or metal particles which may be imbedded in the skin. Perfect for removing stubborn and annoying hairs or particles which require needle like precision removal.

These tweezers are thoughtfully designed and made from high quality surgical stainless steel making them safe to use on the skin. The elongated points of the tweezer allow for easy removal of anything embedded under skin. A must have for anyone who suffers from persistent ingrown hairs. Also a great addition for your bathroom cabinet in case of emergency to remove thorns or splinters. These tweezers come with a protective cap and tube for easy and safe storage.

The tweezer size is approximately 10.5cm x 1cm. Consider using a magnifying mirror to ensure all hairs are removed where required. If you require a different shaped tweezer or a compact size, please refer to our other product listings.

How To Use:

Clean the affected area with soap and water, dip the tweezers in alcohol to sterilize, grip the splinter with needle points of the tweezer and back it out gently. .To remove ingrown hairs, use one tip of the tweezers to spring out the hair. Then tweeze it gently in the direction of hair growth. After tweezing, disinfect area with hydrogen peroxide or a medicated spray. Or, for a more natural post hair removal treatment, we recommend applying a healing cream like Ultra to calm and soothe the skin. Ultra can also be used prior to tweezing to soften the skin . After tweezing, wait five minutes before applying make-up. If you suffer from persistent ingrowing hairs, use an ingrown hair treatment like Kalo Ingrown after hair removal to treat and prevent all forms of post hair removal irritations.


Wipe tips clean and disinfect after use. Always replace protective cap on tweezer tips. The Tweezerman company will sharpen your tweezers for free, ensuring they last a lifetime. (Tweezers need to be posted to the USA).


Point of tweezer is extremely sharp. Keep out of reach of children.

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